Our Inflatable Products


Publi-Air specializes in manufacturing inflatables (WE DON'T RENT NOR HAVE STOCK AVAILABLE).
We provide our clients with high-impact inflatable and creative designs. All our inflatable products are made by professionals who have turned the inflatable advertising into a unique and eye-catching publicity.

 Publi-Air in the World

Publi-Air not only sells inflatables in Spain but also sells inflatable in the Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, Germany and the United States.
If you want to advertise a striking and impressive way, be inspired by taking a tour of our website where you can see all kinds of inflatables and sizes.

 40 Years Producing Inflatable

40 Years Manufacturing InflatablesDuring 40 years manufacturing inflatables, Publi-Air has collaborated with customers supporting them and helping them to achieve their goals through a very innovative inflatable product with exclusive design. In our web site you can find a great variety of inflatable original products. Our offers go from a giant inflatable to small customized inflatables.